Ossau valley

Le pic du Midi d'Ossau


The Ossau Valley is a preserved green valley, attached to its ancestral traditions: the moving of livestock called “transhumance”, traditional songs and dances. Intact agriculture characterizes the valley and many delights await the mountain hiker.

Here the nature is respected and offers a large diversity in flora and in fauna, with the majesty of the Ossau Peak in the background.

The shepherds still practice the moving of livestock to high elevation pastures in summer to work on an authentic cheese, rich in taste.
The herd and flocks here still bear their usual bells so that the shepherd can hear them. Bells are still made in Bearn and can be bought as a “souvenir”.

In the Ossau Valley, you can spot the Bearded Vulture, the Griffon Vulture, the Golden Eagle, the Egyptian Vulture, the red Kite, the Marmot, the izard and many more, even maybe, for the most lucky, the Pyrenean Bear.

Lac d'Ayous avec le Pic du Midi d'Ossau


VacancesLouvie-Juzon is a small typical village of this beautiful valley, it gives access to the famous city of Lourdes, and also to its sister valley, the Aspe valley, further on are the Spanish Pyrenees.

The old church in the center of the village is a remarkable monument, a must-see, with it’s fully restored organ dating from the XVII° century. Every summer, international class concerts are given under the vaults of the church in classical music; it’s a rare event.

In the village just 900 meters away from the camping, you will find:
- A baker’s shop with pastries, ready from early in the morning, - A butcher’s shop with ready-made meals and typical products from the valley,
- A coffee, tobacco & small groceries shop where cyclists & hikers meet,
- A nice bar & light meal place,
- A small supermarket,
- Post office, Bank distributor, Drugstore, two restaurants…


Marie Blanque

Cromlechs from Le Bénou

Hiking is a must in the valley, with all levels and difficulties available.

Some beautiful sites you must not miss: Plateau du Benou with Marie-Blanque, Port d'Aste, Lazerque, Port de Castet, Bious-Artigues lake & Ayous lakes, Anglas lake, Aneou with the Pourtalet pass (Spanish border), Aubisque & Soulor.
Around the Ossau Peak tour or the Ossau Valley tour just fully restored. The Rey mountain, just above the camping site, is only for well trained hikers.

A hike pathway to Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle is a few meters away from the campsite.

Strolls and hikes at the rhythm of a donkey on the Port of Castet with Petit Pas (Donkey farmers). In summer evenings tales under the stars. A rare moment to live at once.

 Mountain sports & activities with Aventures Chlorophylle at Louvie-Juzon. They provide you guides for canyoning, rafting, hydrospeed, kayak, hiking, climbing, speleology.

All kind of cycling tours can be made, as many roads and pass in the area used by the famous “Tour de France”.
Mountain bikes trails also offer breathtaking scenery.

Trout fishing from march to september, the “Gave d’Ossau” is only 1 km away from our location.
We offer a price reduction of 10% to our friends fishermen for weekly fishing trips except in July & August. (On fishing card presentation)

Climbing: Training cliff in Arudy and Via Ferrata in the valley

Vuture’s cliff site:
In The Ossau nature reserve, cameras located on the cliff, near the nests, broadcast live and on a wide screen, images of griffon vultures and their chicks in the nest. From the museum and before you, a guide points the cameras and commentates on these fascinating images… from the hatching to the first flight of the chicks, from the feeding to the flying training sessions…

The Ossau nature reserve protects two sites made of cliffs and masses of fallen limestone rocks on the right bank of the Ossau valley, covering a total surface area of 82.3 ha.
The reserve was created in 1974 on the initiative of environmental protection associations and thanks to the support of villages owning the land: Aste-Béon, Bielle, Bilhères and Castet.
The main objective of the nature reserve is to encourage the reproduction of the colony of griffon vultures. It is managed by the Pyrenees National Park.

The little train of Artouste:the highest of Europe, can carry you right in the middle of the wonders of mountain nature and its secrets. It is one of the most beautiful stroll of the region.
This little train at 2000 m elevation will allow you to discover the blue Lake of Artouste, to investigate the subterranean galleries of the Lake of Artouste together with a guide or to go to meet the sheperd and their flock.

Le Petit Train d'Artouste

Honey makers of the green mountain. An outstanding site for an outstanding honey.

The castle of Beost. One of the most ancient abbeys of the Bearn enlarged in Lord house in the XVI th century.

The Ossau House, Arudy Museum: ancient abbey from the XVII th century, exhibition and movie on geology, archaeology, flora & fauna.

Typical villages & their heritage: Arudy, Castets, Bielle and all the others. To see washplaces, churches, facades and doors of houses dating from the XV th century for the most ancient.

House of the Pyrenees National Park: On the place of Laruns, exhibitions, information and shop.

The hanging forest: high adventure in the trees in all safety, Eaux-Bonnes.

Bains de Secours : a truly magical place for a most relaxing moment, completely out of the world, a warm welcome for a very special time.www.sejour-en-pyrenees.com  

Thermal pools of Eaux-Chaudes & Eaux-Bonnes for a relaxing time or for getting back in shape.


To the North, Vineyards of Jurancon, nice scenery & famous sweet wine. Pau & the Henri IV castle.

To the East, the Zoo of Asson, Ouzoum Valley, the caves of Betharram, Lourdes.

To the South, Spain & the guara canyons.

To the West, Aspe Valley by the Marie-Blanque pass, or the Bager forest.